[Reception & Review] APC Radio: Valentine’s Event!

[Official APC Radio Art by: ChaeKyon@APC #GraphicDesignTeam]

Hello everyone! How was your Valentine’s Day?

Did you get to listen to our Live Radio show on Valentine’s weekend? Yes?! That’s great! ^^ Oh… some of you missed it? >.< Well we recorded and enhanced the audio, so that those of you who couldn’t join us wouldn’t miss out the fun! Our offline version is now available!!! \(^,^)/

Don’t worry… that was just the short version! XD
You can watch the full [1hr 30min] version [HERE] on APC forums!

~First we want to say a big thank you to our APC Radio Team!~
MCs: bbxcandy501 [BB] & fowlergirl [Kirsty]
DJ: ChaeKyon [Chae] | Initiator & Advisor: KaoruHyung
Radio Staff: sasiSL [Ceci] & RavenWinguard [Raven]
Managers {behind the scenes}: MzDreamii, Cherrii321 & AgitJob

~Next we say CONGRATULATIONS to the Radio Winners~
Geekella: SHINee - Replay (Original English ver.) [Solo Cover]
Josh: TVfXQ - Asu Wa Kuru Kara [APC Collab]
xArrolie: *will be interviewed on the next show*

~And finally THANK YOU to everyone who joined us on the day and those who helped and supported us in the process of ideas, making, preparing, rehearsing and for sending in those great songs and messages!~

Here’s a quick reminder of the messages read on air:



[To: The Stupid Speedy Sneaky Sleepy Sweety Dino head,
 From: Your stupid yucky random Onion.]


 [To: Da Red and Da Green…     From: 5 Star Blue Mantou] 

All of these messages were featured in the Radio Show.
The song request list and the messages can be found on the [APC Topic].

Another thank you everyone who was listening to the pre-show music!
The atmosphere was very fun, especially in the live chat!!! XD
Our staff were nervous at this time as we were setting up the show,
but your warm encouragement and excitement for the show helped us relax.

::We had some fun pre-show song requests from::

  • BB [Super Junior - Marry U]
  • Carlos [Super Junior - Mr Simple]
  • Tommy [Rookie BB - I Don’t Know You, But I Love You Already]
  • Josh [Jay Chou - Give Me The Time Of One Song] 

And there was a great after-party some AWESOME open after-parties!
Wrap Party [APC Radio], After Party [Skype] & Chat Party [APC Forum] 
And we can’t forget our special LIVE performance from our Admin Agit! ^^ 

So once again thank you everyone for your interest, support and hard work to help APC’s 1st radio show become a success!!!
We hope to see you all again at our next show (still to be decided).

What are your opinions? Or your suggestions for the next show?

(Source: asianpopcollabs.com)

APC Events!!! [2011 -> 2012 re-cap]

Happy New Year from APC!!! We hope you’re all enjoying 2012: the year of the Dragon~ ^^ At APC we’ve been pretty busy! Let’s re-cap the events:

    1. The winners of the 1st APC Idol have been announced! *Congrats!!!*

      We’d like to [congratulate the winners] and everyone who participated for doing such a great job on those songs! Also a big thank you goes out to the APC Idol staff and management team for organizing the event, and the graphics team for providing us with amazing artwork! The team collaborated to create APC’s 1st ever calendar!!! Take a look at the designs here! ^^
    2. APC has teamed up with the awesome dance group [ St319 ] for the highly anticipated "APC Special Stage". More info [HERE]. We all can’t wait for the 1st release but meanwhile… here’s the trailer:

    3. APC released it’s [3rd Lunar / Chinese New Year] forum wide collaboration!!! It was released with 6 songs in less than 25 days! And… it was released on APC’s birthday! On the 21st of January APC was started up as a “youtube group” so… Happy 2nd birthday APC!!!

    4. Part 2 of the [Disney Musical] has been released (with only one part to go! ^^). Make sure to check out the emotive voice acting and the fun singing by various APCers in: The Lion King [Hakuna Matata & The Morning Report] AND The Little Mermaid [Under the Sea].

    5. Last but not least, we would like to [INVITE] you to collab! XD Our new "Collabs by invite" section is an addition to the FCFS (First come first served) collabs and the Auditions section. Here you can organize collabs that have been set up externally/around the forum. You can choose the song, cast, etc~ and just use the space to manage it all!!!

Well~ that’s all for now! Don’t forget to check out the latest APC releases [HERE] and have some fun around the forum!!! We hope to see you at our next event! ^^

(Source: asianpopcollabs.com)

Check out one of our newest releases!!!
Covered by the talented duo of Agit [Agitjob] + Jinhii [Jinhiiii]
Another awesome Vietnamese cover: Mắt Ngọc - Chia đôi
Audio mixed by Agitjob & video designed by phannie.

See it *HERE* on APC!!!

What do you think of it? Let us know on APC! ^^

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